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The Building Engineering Services National Agreement


Major contractors back ‘essential’ workforce reform

This website has been developed by the Heating and Ventilating Contractors’ Association (HVCA) to provide information on a proposed single working rule agreement for mechanical, electrical and plumbing operatives.

The Building Engineering Services National Agreement (BESNA) is being developed on behalf of eight leading companies by the HVCA and is designed to harmonise operatives’ pay and terms and conditions of employment across all three disciplines within those companies that adopt the BESNA.

The eight companies are NG Bailey, Balfour Beatty Engineering Services, T Clarke, Crown House Technologies, Gratte Brothers, MJN Colston, Shepherd Engineering Services and SPIE Matthew Hall.

Other major contractors are also considering the benefits of the introduction of the BESNA, which is currently the subject of a consultation process with trade union representatives and all affected employees. This includes circulation of copies of the draft agreement to the workforces of the eight companies above.

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